My 6 year old son have a crush on his classmate.

Maya - posted on 11/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a mom of two boys. The eldest is 11 yrs old and the youngest is 6 years old whose in kindergarten now. My question is: is it normal for a 6 year old kid to have a crush on his classmate? He told his dad that he can't help but to have a crush on his classmate. Though at first we can't help but to laugh and just think that hes still a child and don't even know what hes saying. I got alarm by the news recently that he even wanted to buy the girl a flower and chocolate when he and his aunt went to a mall. he kept asking his aunt and even throw tantrums when he was not given what he ask. Is it ok to tell him that its ok to have a crush or how can I explain to him stuff like this because I myself really dunno what to say. Am I being so strict if actually for me its not ok for him to have a crush. Im confuse.please advice me. thanks a lot.God bless


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Carolee - posted on 11/13/2009




My son is 2 and has crushes on girls. He's always been a "ladie's man". He just flashes his dimples, and they swoon, too. It's normal, and I'm never going to tell my son that it's wrong for him to feel what he feels naturally.

Brandy - posted on 11/13/2009




I think it's cute and perfectly normal. Little kids get crushes all the time. I remember me and my friends talking about boys that young. I say let it go and don't make a big deal of it.

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