My 9 months old is always hungry and is always eating.... my two year old eats a lot but not like he does he's not very it still okay?

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My 9 months old is always hungry and is always eating.... my two year old eats a lot but not like he does... he's not very it still okay? For example for lunch he would eat 2 jars of food and a jar of fruit and a 6 oz bottle and still be hungry... he never throws any of it up or spits up. Do I still feed him like this?


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kids double their weight in the first year, and then after that it's about 5 lbs a worries

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I fed my daughter like that too, at 6 weeks she was taking 7 ounce bottles when most babies were only taking 3-4 still. We called her a chunky monkey but in all honesty she wasn't that chunky. Once she was on purees she would eat about 8 ounces of purees mixed with cereal then eat an 8 ounce bottle afterwards. She ate tons so I think as long as your pedi isn't concerned with his weight then you should be fine. My daughter has started really thinning out now that she's an active toddler so I think it all evens out in the end and until he's older I wouldn't be concerned with his food. Now that my daughter is almost 2 there are days when she barely eats anything others that she eats anything not nailed down.


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I wouldn't worry my daughter does the same thing every once in awhile. She will eat constantly one day and then just enough the next. The doctor told me is normal to go in cycles like that. You need to worry only if he starts losing weight or doesn't put any on.

Lisa - posted on 02/25/2009




I really wouldn't worry too much. Offer him healthy choices like yoghurts and fruit inbetween meals. In my opinion boys do tend to have a healthy appetite and it could be that he is going through a growth spurt. Keep the foods you offer as healthy as possible and i dont think you will go far wrong. If you are concerned then you could speak to your health visitor or doctor, but i would be more concerned if he wasn't eating to be honest.

Lisa xx

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