My almost 2 year old seems to need the bottle at night.. Day's don't bother him, but he will not go to sleep without a bottle, how do I get him out of it????


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Shae - posted on 01/11/2009




My daughter, who is 22 months just gave up the bottle.  For Christmas, "Santa" brought her some new "Special Sippies" with Minnie Mouse and Clifford on them.  (Two of her favorite characters), and she was excited.  We explained that these would be her naptime and nighttime sippies, and so now she could throw away her bottles, because she didn't need them anymore.  She did just that.  We had her open the bottle drawer, and throw away all the bottles into a garbage sack, and she even took it to the big garbage can outside.  The first night, she asked for her bottle, and we just reminded her that she threw them away, then she's okay with just her sippy.  (With her bottle, it HAD to be milk, and she wouldn't do water at all...with her sippy, we switched her to water, and she's been just fine.)  Oh...and all of our other sippies are plain and solid colors, so the character sippies worked really well for us.  This actually worked better than we thought it's as if she never had her bottle!  Good luck!

Jackie - posted on 01/11/2009




I don't know why people have dead lones they feel they must adheare too. Every child is different and things will progress natuarlly wthout battles. My daughter just gave up her dummy  at 4 (night time only) it was the right time for her. My son 1 and 9 moths still has a bottle to go to bed and one in the night that he gives himself (no dummy) he will stop when it is right for him they are only little ones for a short time,let them enjoy it.

Angharad - posted on 01/10/2009




Hello. It depends whether you want to stop the bottle completely or just to got to sleep?

If its just to stop him using it as a soother at night, try giving him the bottle outside of his room the when he's finished taking him to bed without it. That way he's still getting it, but not to sleep with.

If its to stop the bottle, I would agree with Lisa about other babies needing it and him taking the responsibility of getting rid of it himself and using an big boy cup and making a big deal of it, i.e. going to buy one with him that he can choose himself but out of the ones you select for him. Limit that offer for two cups to choose.

I wouldnt advise offering a pacifier at all, not at this age. Its just one more thing he'll need to give up.

Whatever you decide always think ahead and assess what response your going to be setting yourself up for to deal with in the future.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

[deleted account]

Try one of the sippy cups with a nipple like texture and he might want that instead of the bottle. I did that with my daughter and she was off of the bottle instantly at a year.


Lisa - posted on 01/10/2009




MY son is 2 and went through the same thing. What i did was explain to him that we need to give the other babies his bottles. I got a bag and allowed him to put all of his bottles in it. We went to the store that day and got some new big boy cups. When he asked for the bottle that night i reminded him that we gave them to the babies and offered him his big boy cup instead. he took it and now wakes up once a night for a drink from his cup. he also has a pacifier so it may be easier for him. try giving him something else for comfort if he doesnt have a pacifier. good luck

Hilaree - posted on 01/08/2009




i agree..he needs something to sooth himself.. you can try to use a pacifier in place of bottle.. but at age two they should need that either..but it could be a start..since it would just be at night time..

Erica - posted on 01/06/2009




From what you say, it apprears as your  child never learned how to self sooth.  He needs something to put him to sleep and in his case he always got the bottle.  Some moms do the rocking thing!  The best way to take the bottle away is to give it to him whilst reading a story, sitting up.  And when he goes down, take the bottle out the room.  He will protess due to the fact that he cannot put himself to sleep.  I would suggest you consider sleep training!  Check out my website for more details.  At 2 he should not be taking a bottle to go down any more! 

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