My Baby just turned one and he has the stomach flu.. is there anything i can do to help his vomiting and diahrea or does it need to run its course?


Adf0905 - posted on 01/31/2009




I was in the same boat earlier today. My 16 month old Maddy threw up twice in 2 hours (and I threw up 5 times in 4 hours, plus my husband is sick, so I knew it was some kind of bug!) I called the nurse's line at our local hospital, and they said you can give them water, pedialyte, watered down gatorade, or watered down flat ginger ale/7 up. Once they've been vomit free for 6 hours, then you can slowly introduce things like crackers, toast, bananas...basically anything from the BRAT diet. But don't let them gorge themselves on food. And if they go without a wet diaper for 10 hours or more, you need to call her pediatrician. She started vomitting at 4 this morning, and she's already feeling better. Now, if only my husband and I were so lucky lol!

Shannon - posted on 01/31/2009




i've always been told things like that need to run their can also try tylenol...but usually it has to run it's course...keep him well hydrated-plenty of fluids....


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Lina - posted on 01/31/2009




I just feel soo horrible when he vomits and it seems as if he is pushing it out with all his might and then he cries!.. well I hope i dont get it next!

Christina - posted on 01/31/2009




My 1yr old has it too. I'm letting it run it's course, seems to have just been a 24 hour thing (I had it earlier in the week) so he's already doing better. Hang in there. . . the smell of vomit is hard to get out, isn't it?

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