my child refuses to eat what I cook. He throws his tantrums and wont stop. All he wants is to drink juice or milk. He begs for ceral to eat and I won't let him. He just won't eat anything I cook. I am so aguvated that he won't eat like he use to. He is 23 months old. How do I get him to eat his food instead of ceral or junk


Sammi - posted on 02/14/2009




dont give in to him, when he's hungry enough he will eat it, unless he truly doesnt like something but he wont starve, he will learn that he should eat what hes given or he wont eat at might sound harsh but how else will he learn if you give in to him

Mindy - posted on 02/09/2009




The juice and milk can be a bad thing to give him all of the time too because he uses it to fill up. I was told to start watering down the juice so it was more water and less sugar. You start with 1/8 water to juice and keep slowly increasing it. Also do not give him any junk food if he doesn't eat good food. Keep offering a variety of good foods and he will get hungry enough to try some. My doctor told me that it won't hurt them to miss a meal and they will eat when they are hungry. Just remember that toddlers don't eat a balanced meal at every meal. If you offer him a good variety of food then he will get enough nutrition through out the day. He may eat only meats at one but then prefer vegetables at another. Good Luck


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Shannon - posted on 02/11/2009




I have monitored my kids snacks before dinner and that helps. I also read in one of Dr. Dobson's books about not arguing over dinner. If he doesn't want to eat that is fine, but he doesn't get to eat anything else until he eats his dinner. This has worked very well with both my children. My son is the most difficult and will eventually eat his dinner when he's hungry. Lately he has been especially difficult and I told him his dinner will be breakfast in the morning. He always eats.

Marlene - posted on 02/10/2009




Our son was going through something similar. He wouldn't even try his dinner, just pushed it away and said NO. So what I did was go OK, no more snacks or drinks till bed time. You can just be hungry. I left his dinner on the table so he could snack on it if he wanted. Eventually he gave in and at least tried some.BTW. don't think that this was overnight. It took at least 2 weeks off and on of this game and still he tries it some times. My son is 27 months, so not a whole lot older than yours.

I think that it really all depends on your relationship with your son and how firmly you are willing to set those boundries. Are you more concerned that he is going hungry? Trust me, he won't go hungry. He will eat.

Another thing that might push him to eat other things is to have feeding time with him with another child of similar age. Then, when your son sees his friend eating, he may want to too.

Another thing that we have  tried and been semi successful at is..have a bite, then you get a small drink of/bite of what ever you really want. E.g. tonight he was having a grilled cheese sandwich. He wanted to have grapes. He had to eat a bite determined by mommy or daddy, then he got a few grapes. He ate almost all of the sandwich.

So just try what you think might work, give it some time and if it doesn't try another track.

Shannon - posted on 02/09/2009




I may be wrong, but my son will go on binges where sometimes all he wants is one certain food. As long as it is a nutritious food, I give him what he wants. If it is a healthy cereal that he wants and not a real sugary meal, I would give it to him. Some days my son eats whatever we eat and other times I feel fortunate to get anything healthy in him.

Johanna - posted on 02/09/2009




dont worry your not the only one. my son is doing to same thing. try maybe maybe only having those thing set aside for one spasific time of the day and or just for a you've been good treat. i have been told a ton that they wont starve themselves if he cant have what he wants he will soon figure out what he can and will eat it. i do know how frustrating it can get when they are sceaming at you but 'just be strong and he will see that. thats all i got because im still figuring it all out with my own amazing monster so good luck.

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