My child wont listen to anything i say anyone have tips please help?

Nicole - posted on 02/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My child is about to turn 2 and he just wont listen to anything or he is always in something he shouldnt be, i cannot handle this anymore please have suggetions.


Sarah - posted on 02/20/2012




Make sure when you are talking to him he is paying attention to you. Get down to his level, be next to him (not across the room), and require him to look at you when you talk. Don't make it too lengthly of a conversation. Short and sweet is the best. Tell them what you want them to do (or don't want) then tell them the consequence if they continue. Make sure you follow through with the consequence. Kids learn quickly what are empty threats. Do not give multiple warnings. Also the consequence should be something that can happen now not 1 hr from now or 1 day from now. For example if you throw that toy it will be taken away. NOT if you throw that toy then we don't buy that toy you wanted at the store. Also pay attention to what your child needs. Sometimes misbehavior is more due to being board or tired. Make sure you have a good nap/sleeping routine that can be adjusted if you see that he needs that extra sleep. Also mix up activities from time to time. I find that I enjoy our day better too when we get out and do something we don't normally do from time to time.

Also know that you are entering the 2's and part of the 2's is learning the boundries and what happens if you don't obey those boundries. Some days it will feel like all you do is discipline. If you stay strong (follow through and are consistant) it does get better.


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User - posted on 02/21/2012




Oh those terrible 2's! I sure dont miss them! lol

Yes this is the age when they start to test their boundaries. They think they can, so they will try it. And they are not yet old enough to understand the dangers.

Well, you as the mommy have to set limits and stick with it. Just like the other person said, (1) speak directly to them and get down to their level. (2) make the rules clear. Short and sweet. (3) give consequences to the wrong actions. If you dont behave then you dont get what you want.

Start with that. there are plenty of books about how to deal with the terribles 2's. dont b afraid to pick one up. Good luck!

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