my childs a biter

Kristy - posted on 06/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




marley bites other kids when shes frustrated at them. ive got a 'naughty mat' that i put her on when she does it. she has to stay there for 2mins. can u help me?


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Leanne - posted on 06/07/2009




When my 2nd oldest daughter was little she used to bite her younger sister who was about 1 at the time.It got to the point where l used to bite her whenever she bit her sister,and it worked.As much as l hated doing it ,it actually dosent work with all kids but mine it did.

Jennifer - posted on 06/06/2009




I have tried everything. He bites kids all the time at my work. He stopped for a couple of months but he just started doing it again and im going crazy. Ive tried time out, ive tried yelling, spanking, biting him back. I even made him sit in the corner for over an hour and watch the other child play and i kept telling him over and over that if he couldnt play nice he wouldnt play at all but he still does it. And when he isnt biting he is hitting! I dont know what to do!

Jammie - posted on 06/05/2009




my little is only 16 mos he tryed it but i stop that the first time it happen. me being a former toddler teacher. A toddler bites if they are teething, having a hard time expressing them selfs. ut the way i stop my was the fact i reacted when it first happened he bit me and i bit him back got eye to eye with him told him no biting and sat him down (time out) he want to hug me i siad no ignored him. he never even tried to do it again. it's not mean that how kids learn by feeling see and hearing. Or you can try crying if she does it again some kids don't like to see there parents cry. it worked for my nephew. if you try the biting don't bite too hard just enough where she will realize it hurts if she tries again say no or play u bite me i bite u back then she'll give up the fight. kind of like getting a child to lay down for nap. you keep laying them down then thay give up. Oh and the biting thing is like gravity they learn about gravity by falling and getting a boo boo then they say i'm not doing that again.

Alison - posted on 06/05/2009




I had that problem with my 13 month old, until my doctor told me "1 hard spank (not in anger) with a firm NO biting." She's only bit me so far, but she stopped when I started that.

Stefanie - posted on 06/05/2009




i wish i had an snswer for my my sonhas been bitting since he was 5 months old and he is 20 months now. i have tried everything from saying no, hitting in the mouth and bitting back. right now it seems to be helping getting eye level and telling him i don't like that it hurts and put him in time out. all kids are differt you just have to try everything.

Gemma - posted on 06/05/2009




when my little girl started to bit we tired that but it didnt work so in the end we ended up telling her off really bad and put her on the naughty step screaming i no it sounds really bad but touch wood she has never bit again?

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