My daughter Evalynn has such a bad temper what can i do to help her?


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The choices that you can provide to hear you have to be able to deal with. Like you can wear outfit 1 or 2. For lunch, Mommy doesnt care if you have this or that. Provide the choices where you can for things that you can handle so that she feels she has the power but you have the choices of what is being offered.

For when there is no choice be sure to give her a heads up like in 5minutes WE ARE going to do this. After we do this then we can go to the park or watch a movie (insert something that she would like to do)

My daughter is very strong willed as well. I have to walk away at times, she will ask for something and then not like the cup that its in or how it was offered to her. I have always just set the requested object within reach of her and walked away. 9 of 10 times she will repick it up and be happy.

Its soo hard to teach a little one that they cant always be in control. You might have a couple tough days / weeks in front of you to "re" train your little one of how things are "going to be now" She will get it and it might be easier than you think.

Very try what Carolee said about picking the battles that are important and setting boundries where you can handle them. Offer choices when you can ....

Hugs....Good Luck.

AND know with anything that change will create a monster that around day 3 will be ugly and green eyed but by day 7 you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner!!

Carolee - posted on 07/17/2010




At this point, you just have to decide what battles are worth it. If you're comfortable with it, let her pick out her own clothes. Let her know that if you need to go somewhere, she has no choice. Whatever you choose to do, stay strong in your decisions. Kids can sense when you're about to give in, and that's when they REALLY try. It will take a while, and it will take a lot of patience and most likely some hidden tears, but if you stay strong when you tell her "no", she will eventually learn that she cannot always have her way. Good luck.


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Jackie - posted on 07/23/2010




Completely agree with Kathy....FOLLOW THROUGH 200% of the time. Toddlers sense weakness. And I hear you, my 18 mo. old puts up some good screaming fits - i've even closed the front door a few times to spare the neighbors. Just don't give it or it will only get worse.

Kathy - posted on 07/23/2010




well, if you give in all the time, that is the problem. a toddler needs boundaries and rules and it's our responsibility as a parent to set those boundaries.

know what battles are worth fighting and which ones you're willing to let go. once you've identified those, be consistent in your response to her behavior. if you punish her sometimes but not other times, she'll never learn.

for example: DD sometimes throws (or should I say whip) toys or things on the floor. This is a no-no in my house. I will calmly tell her to pick them up and put them on the table. she of course will say NO! and will sometimes even KICK them again (oh she's so cheeky at times) so then I tell her: pick them up now or i am taking away [whatever toy she is currently holding]. If she says No again, i tell her "ok, I'm taking [toy] because you didn't pick up [toys] when I asked you to.

of course, she will freak out and cry but i always follow through. she can cry and scream but when i come back from putting whatever it was I took away from her, I will scoot down to her eye level and explain to her why I took it away again. then i will get up kiss her on the forehead and let her go about her business. sometimes if she's in a real pissy mood, she'll continue to cry so i let her.

Nubia - posted on 07/17/2010




She is 2 she will be 3 in October..... and almost everything upsets her if she dosent want to wear what i pick out, of if she cant figure out a toy or game, if she dosent want to eat or go some place. i usally give in to what she wants... she screams stomps her feet kicks hits me or her sister

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