My daughter has sleep issues

Autumn - posted on 06/22/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 3 years old and has a really hard time falling asleep, she has had it since she was little. I had the same issue when I was younger and still to this day. She lays in her bed for hours and hours at a time until she falls asleep talking to herself. I don't know if there is anything I could do or take her to a doctor. she doesn't eat much sweets before bed if any or drinks anything really. And please don't tell me to give her tylenol or allergy meds to make her tired because I don't do that. I will not give my child medicine for anything thats not whats going on with her just to make her tired or calm, I don't think thats smart. So any other advise would be great!


Louise - posted on 06/22/2011




If your daughter is not tired and grouchy in the day then don't worry about it. I know how frustrating it can be to listen to a child talk to themselves for hours and sing, when all you want is peace. My daughter is 2.9 and if she falls asleep in the car in the afternoon then she is up singing and chatting in her bed until about 10pm. It drives me mad when she has only had 10 minutes sleep in the day.

At three your daughter does not need nap time in the day so if she is doing this then stop. Make sure you have wind down time at night and a night time routine of bath, story bed and make sure the room is dark enough to encourage her to sleep. Other than this you are stuck with a child that does not need a lot of sleep!

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