My daughter is 15 months old and only has her 2 bottom teeth. The HV says it's normal but everyone I talk to says 'thats strange, mine has 5, 8, 10 etc). She wants to eat so many things but she seems to get annoyed and just pulls food out of her mouth as she can't chew it properly. Should I be worried?


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Jana - posted on 02/09/2009




My daughter got her first tooth 2 days after she turned one.  So don't be worried.  I was worried about what to feed my daughter because she wanted to eat but wasn't able to chew much.  Then one day she took a perfect half-circle bite out of a banana that still had the peel on and I knew she could bite down.  It took me a while to figure out what she could or could not chew... she liked the puffed fruit snacks that could melt if she didn't chew them in time.  she loved pasta, bananas, she loved zwieback toast and biter biscuits (even though she didn't have teeth)  

My daughter would try all sorts of food and just when I thought it would going to be ok, she could spit it out.  I would just keep trying soft, yet firm foods to held her get her chewing figured out.  Ripe pears, blueberries, even ripe melon should be soft enough for her to work on chewing but soft enough that her gums can break them. 

Adf0905 - posted on 02/09/2009




If your pediatrician isn't worried, then I wouldn't be worried! My dd has 10 teeth, but I know a few kids her age that don't have any! And I've heard the later the teeth come in, the stronger they are.

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