My daughter is 18 month's and i'm having a hard time getting her off the bottle she well drink her j


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Jackie - posted on 01/26/2010




When we started teh process at 11 mos i was initially conerned because Kaylee didn't drink nearly as much fluids from the cup as she did the bottle. She cut her fluid in take by prob. 60-70%. My doctor said it didnt' matter, she would drink when she was thirsty. And they also get fluids from the fruits etc that they eat. But then I found that once the bottle was gone for good at 12 months she started drinking more and more from the cup. Now she drinks 30-40oz a day...all from the sippy cup.

Sarah...on the bottle in the crib...we never did give K a bottle in the crib, but she did have a bottle sitting with us as part of her routine. I just use the Nuby style (but wal-mart brand) cups. THey are 10 oz, with silicon its simliar to a bottle...we just fill that up and sit and drink a cup of juice instead of a bottle. You should try one of least for the transition of the last bottle.

Amy - posted on 01/26/2010




my daughter was drinking out of sippies during hte day, but bottles at nite. she was a bit over a year. we tried a sippy at nite once and she wanted the bottle. we told her it was ucky and needed washed. this was all we have. she actually took it and then after a few nites, we "lost" the bottle. we "looked" for it for a couple days, but then she forgot about it since we didn't bring it up past two days and she just realized all she would get is a sippy. a friend of mine said she put some kind of healthy, but yucky tasting juice in the bottle and the yummy milk/juice/water in the sippy. she said that made him toss it on his own.

Keri - posted on 01/25/2010




my daughter who is 11 now didnt want to drink milk from a sippy... she drank juice from a sippy just not milk so i wud give her bottle back but i asked the dr about it n he said just keep giving her the sippy of juice n she can get everything she needs by eating foods with calcium.. they can make it without the daughter who is now 6 was on a bottle til she was 2... its different with child.. she just wanted her bottle for bed so we gave her a sippy during the day n a bottle for nap n bed.. soon after that she just gave it up!!! hope these help

Sarah - posted on 01/23/2010




My son is 16 months and we too are having a hard time. he will drink milk out of his cup but he won't drink it all like he does in his bottle. He also depends on it to go to bed. he won't fall asleep with it in his mouth he will drink it and toss it out of his it is not pooling in his mouth. It has just been part of his routine and he doesn't want to give it up. I am going to complete omit it for his afternoon nap starting Monday and then his morning nap and finally his evening nap. At least that's the plan...wish us luck!!!!

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