My Daughter is 21 months and Im just about ready to play my hair out, because she will not listen to me. Dose any one have any advise that may help me?


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Sharon - posted on 01/14/2009




Consistency, clarity and calmness are the keys to 95% of the issues. Explain the rules slowly and calmly, "we only eat food at the dinner table". You'll have to say it probably hundreds of times, but your daughter understands you at this age. She is choosing to do something else - or else she catches you breaking your own rules and then they don't know that you really want them to do what you say. That's my biggest problem. For example, I'll say no books or toys during mealtime, then I want to "just read the headlines". 

And any "punishment" has to be right away while she's so young. You cannot expect her to remember for very long, why something is being taken away or whatever else will happen. We mainly use time-outs that begin once the behavior is under control. Which, of course, can take quite a long time! 

Try to remember that she's still young - focus on what is really important for you and not just annoying. I've been working on keeping toys in the play area and not allowing them in the kitchen area - safety issue is more important. I never want to trip over a toy with hot water or a knife in my hand!

Good Luck! 


Amanda - posted on 01/13/2009




I just started using time out with a timer and my daughter is petrified of it. If she gets up before timer is over then it starts again. There were lots of fits at first and took an hour to get through a 2 minute time out but her behavior has improved!!!

Dari - posted on 01/13/2009




When I have behavior issues, I go to my trusty sourcebook, "Happiest Toddler on the Block" by Dr. Karp. His techniques are helpful, though it feels silly at first. (Once I "owned" the techniques, I care less and less what others are saying/thinking...) The book is short and to the point. Nothing works unless you're consistent though.

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