my daughter is four and shes been potty trained since she was two..but she always makes accidents and i dont understand why.. ive tried everything but it seems like nothing is working,,, do yall have any tips??

Holly - posted on 05/21/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daughter is four and shes been potty trained since she was two..but she always makes accidents and i

dont understand why ive tried everthing but nothin works..any tips?????


Rachel - posted on 05/22/2009




My son is potty trained but recently he's started having more accidents. I think that with him he gets so involved with playing that he doesn't want to stop to go to the toilet. He also thinks there are monsters in the bathroom and doesn't want to go on his own anymore. It's frustrating because I have a younger child and I can't always drop everything to take him. I'm planning on restarting a star chart. Every time he goes in the toilet he can have a sticker and when he's got 30 stars we go and get a car for him. When I originally potty trained him this worked really well but it meant he thought he was getting a car every time we went to tescos! If she REALLY doesn't seem to take to anything maybe you should consider taking her to the doctor. She could have a urine infection or a weak bladder or something which could be preventing her from holding on. You should also ask your healthvsitor as she may be able to suggest something. It's also worth considering whether or not something major has changed in her life recently; new school, new baby that kind of thing, in which case she may have temporarily regressed. I hope you work it out soon, it's so difficult to have to deal with something you had thought was done and sorted.


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Leanne - posted on 06/07/2009




Even though they are fully toilet trained you should still ask them if they need to go to the toilet.Because when kids are playing thats the last thing on their m,ind is to ask to go to the toilet,and they sometimes forget or can get a little lazy.So as a parent i think its up to you to still ask her from time to time if she needs to go.Give it a try and see how she goes with it you might just be surprised....and if that dosent work then obviously its something else

Vickie - posted on 05/23/2009




not sure what to tell you, i feel like i am in the same son is 4 as well and still has accidents. i worry because he goes to school in september and i worry about him getting picked on. i am beyond frustrated.

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I dont have any tips but my daughter was potty trainned at just turned 2 and since christmas has been wetting herself (only in the day) at least once every day and I dont know what to do any more!! She is now 3. So any tips would be great,

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