My daughter is going to be three in July and I'm having a hard time with her letting me know when she has to potty, sometimes she goes on her own and most of the time I have to force her to sit on it. I tried sitting her on it avery hour but she would sit for like 30 seconds and tell me she's done and I could'nt get her to sit back down.


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Rachel - posted on 04/09/2009




I had a similar problem with my son. He just prefered to keep his nappies cos he didn't want to stop. I made a stciker chart. Week one he got a sticker for wearing pants or doing a wee in his potty and two stars for doing a poo. Once he had 20 stars we went to the shop and bought him a car.

Once he's got the hang of that (only a week) I then gave him a sticker if he went on the toilet as well. It meant that he could choose to still go in the potty but he would get more stickers if he chose to go on the toilet.

It worked really quickly and although he still needs to have some help with wiping his bum properly I am not worried about him starting nursery (pre-school) in two weeks time. I also have a travel potty/toilet seat called a potette plus (from mothercare) which is great for taking with me when he's going to need to go on an adult toilet. He's not completely potty trained yet and he still wears 'nappy' pants at night but since starting the sticker chart he has hardly ever had any accidents and he goes to the toilet willingly on the toilet on his own most of the time. He sometimes wants me to go with him but that tends to be for company rather than because he needs help.

Good luck

Jackie - posted on 04/09/2009




hahahahaha that sounds exactly like my daughter, she sees her brothers go toilet and she tells me she wants to go too, and the same thing as you, she sits there and pushes (whatever out!! lol) and says shes done... in her terms " all gone "  maybe it's a girl thing, my boys were really easy... I take her to the toilet when i want to go, being a female myself and hoping this may teach her.... and the same scenario happens ( wants to have a go then " all gone " lol in time i'm sure it will happen, the daycare is helping as well so fingers crossed for both of us, or maybe more parents with the same problem too...... good luck my friend...

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