My Daughter is just reached 16 months when and how to I start teaching her how to go to the toilet?


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Kim - posted on 03/21/2010




Some people will say she is too young to start but there are kids that want to learn at that age, my older daughter was poop trained at 1 yr, wetting took a lot longer she was over 2.5 before she has any sucess But first buy a potty and leave it in an area for your daughter to check it out. If she asks you can let her know that when she is ready she will be putting peepee or poop(or whatever words you use) in it. If you see her pushing for pooping you can ask her if she wants to sit and poop on the potty. She may surprise you and want to use it, but most likely she won't. This is the part that can take awhile, her wanting to use the potty. Don't push her and ask her once and awhile. If when she is 2 or so and still doesn't use it then you will have to get more creative. Good luck.

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