my daughter keeps stripping everything, even her diaper. dont know what to do!

Jessie - posted on 09/03/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have tried the onesie thing, pants that i thought she couldnt take off, a belt with the pants, safety pins, you name it, im sure i have tried it. im also trying to potty train as well. what should i do? Please give advice on the stripping and potty training.


Jules - posted on 09/03/2009




The stripping thing is just a fase, They do grow out of it. My oldest son did it n now my daughter is going through it. There isn't alot you can do. I tried everything n people just thought I wasn't dressing him. When they actualy sore him do it for them selves they changed thier tone. If you arn't going anywhere then don't stress to much just dress her before you leave the house. Or buy overalls. With her taking off sockes just put tights on her.

As for the potty training, If she hasn't been on one before just take her nappie off n sit her on it. Tell her what it's for, Praise her for going to the potty, Even if she doesn't do anything "Yayy ..... Is going to the toilet/potty, It does get frustraiting taking them to do nothing, But it does help in the long run, Then Just keep asking her if she wants to go to the toilet/potty. Don't force her or she'll never want to go. Take her in to the toilet with you when you go, N show her the toilet before you flush it. Even let her flush it as an insentive. You probably already do that, Then once she figures out what it's for, She'll be fine. Every time you change her nappy tell her that she has done stinkys/poos or wees. Then when she starts copying the right word to the right Subject, ( stinky/poo when she does a poo ) Then you will know that she is getting the hang of it. Then you can start telling her that she needs to do Stinky/poos or wees in the potty. She will start telling you that she has done a poo, It's getting her to sit on the potty before she does the poo or wee that is the tricky part. But you'll be excited when she does somthing in there for the first time. Putting her on the potty/toilet just after she gets out of bed, or after a nap is the best time. Hope this helps.

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