my daughter never crawled but is now walking, when will she start learning to pick herself up if she falls over


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Shae - posted on 01/16/2009




My son didn't crawl till he was a year old (he army crawled from 9 1/2 months - 1 year)...then he took his first steps at 15 months, and caught on really quickly. he couldn't pick himself up either until about 6 weeks later, when he was 16 1/2 months.  He would just crawl over to something to pull himself up.  After he learned how to pick himself up in the middle of the floor, that's when I officially called him a "100% walker" when he could do everything by himself.  So for her, it should come pretty soon. 

My daughter on the other hand, knew how to stand up by herself by about 10-11 months, and took her first steps at one year.  To me, it was very interesting to see how my two kids were so different developmentally...all kids are different, but they all figure out things eventually, and all catch up to each other!

Jackie - posted on 01/16/2009




yeah she yells to get up , but i do feel guilty leaving her to try figure it out and get up and let her hold my hand to get up cause she sits there screaming to get up or lately she gets on to her tummy like shes going to crawl

Jamie - posted on 01/13/2009




My son never really crawled either until recently and he's been walking for almost 3 months now. Until recently, he would just find something to pull himself up on or yell for me to help him, but we didn't respond immediately and eventually he just firured out that it's not a big deal and he can do it himself. Don't rush it though - now I spend all my time chasing him and saying no!

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