my daughter will be 6 mths on the 10th and still does not sit up by herself; is this normal?


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I agree, if you have any concerns about any stage of development for your daughter, your doctor is always the best person to listen to when it comes to insuring that there is nothing physically wrong. If she is healthy and your doc says there's nothing to worry about then I agree with Hannah. While she may not be sitting up yet on her own, she may be doing other things that other babies her age aren't doing yet. Don't make the mistake of A) comparing your baby to other babies and B) paying TOO much attention to the milestone charts. All babies grow and develop and accomplish things at different speeds, and never in the same order. Nothing is set in stone with a baby. And those milestone charts that tell you when your child "should" be doing things? Generalized guidelines meant to give you a head's up, not set a schedule by. One of the hardest things for me to do as a new mom was to let go of all the things the charts, books, family and friends said "SHOULD" be happening and to just realize that every child is unique. A completely different person than any other that has existed since the begining of time. That means that pretty much, our children (especially our first) pretty much write the book as they go along. If I have concerns I ask the doc since he paid a lot of money for that degree.

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I would take her to a doctor to be elevated better to have everything checked out

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I would check with your daughter's peditrician to see their thoughts. While a lot of children may be behind in one area of development they are ahead in others. Additionally while your daughter may not be sitting up by herself she may be making all the right moves in that direction, and then there is usually nothing to worry about. However, if she is not meeting a milestone due to a physical issue or limitation, the pediatricians can spot that quickly and treat appropriately.

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