My daughter will not eat red meat, some fruits and any veggie...I NEED HELP!!!!

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my daughter won't eat red meat at all and i'm starting to get worried and i have been to doctors and they say she is perfectly fine but she isn't eating meat, veggies and she will eat watermelon and bananas but thats it and i need some opinions and yes i am a first time mom and very confused on what to do. my mother in law is anemic and says that my daughter is and i don't believe it. and my mom says that my sister and i never did anything like this we always ate what was in front of us. please someone help me i have no idea what to do.


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How old is your daughter?

I'm lucky if I can get more than 10 bites a week of ANY meat into my almost 3 year old. He'll eat any veggie or fruit you put in front of him though. And he's healthy as can be. I've been told by his doctor, as well as friends and family, that most kids go through stages like this. And just because he loves broccoli now doesn't mean he'll even touch it when he's 10. As long as your doctor says your daughter is ok and healthy, I wouldn't worry. But if it still bugs you, you can always try hiding meat in things. Like you could make sausage muffins or put cheese on her chicken or let her dip her steak in bbq sauce (even ketchup...yuck but if it gets her to eat Another big way to get meat into my son is spaghetti (not the canned crap). We use elbow macaroni because my son will eat anything if there's macaroni mixed in with it. Ravioli is another good way to sneak meat into your child. You also have to remember that as long as you're giving her a rounded group of fruits and veggies (as well as dairy and breads), she doesn't "need" meat. A lot of the nutrients in meat are also found in those things and as long as she's getting balanced helpings of them, she is still getting what she needs. Meat is not a requirement for getting the vitamins and minerals a person needs to survive. It's just yummy lol

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Speak with your child's pediatrician again regarding these issues. Especially if you are worried about diabetes, anemia, or her missing out on some vital nutrients. They can refer you to a dietician that may be able to help you with menu planning.

All that aside - toddler's are notoriously picky eaters. My little boy will only eat fruits and vegetables if they are pureed (yup my almost three year old still loves his baby food), LOVES quiche (don't tell him I sneak a ton of finely diced veggies in there), refuses to touch pasta, and I think would live on yogurt if I let him.

I just make healthy, well balanced meals, provide him with a variety of healthy snacks, and he does fine. Sometimes he eats, soemtimes he doesn't, sometimes he eats more than others. I don't worry unless I see a radical change for multuple meals.

I have a great foodie blog that I LOVE - you may find it useful:

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most kids go through phases where they don't eat much,especially not whats good for them. if she'll drink mil, you could try pedi a sure. there are gummy vitamins, my son refused these also i snuck them into a pack of gummy fruit snacks at lunch time. also check the Internet for creative ways to sneak veggies into foods she will eat.


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have you had her tested for a beef intolerance, my daughter doesn't eat beef because I can not digest it but she does eat goat meat chicken turkey and lamb but only if it is really well cooked to the point of falling apart red meats are really hard for children to chew

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Awesome website Hannah! I just checked it out after reading your post and I've got it bookmarked now :) I'm always looking for new recipes! Thanks!

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How old is your daughter? Children are very sensitive to textures. My daughter wouldn't eat sausage for the longest time and now she loves it. Keep offering her the things she won't eat, but also find ways to hide things in her food...she may just be going through a picky stage and will grow out of it. Good Luck

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