my daughter wont sleep through thenight anymore

Susan - posted on 12/09/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter is 19months old and slept throug he night from 5 and half weeeks untill around 9-10months old when she was then ill with a stomach bug ad this seeed to disrupt he routine which is undertandable but it stil happenng now. she wakes at lest nce sometimes twice evey night, and is properly wide awake as if she thinks it morning. At first i could get her some milk and this would satify her but now all she wants to do is come out of the cot for cuddles, i have given in and taken her out but then she crys even more when i put her back in.
she eats well balanced meals during the day so i dont think its because she's hungry, and she doesnt have a sleep every day anymore either so surely she must feel tired.
some people suggest leaving her to cry it out as the more i go in the more he il exspect it whch i can understand but then other say to go in and comfort her.
i dont know what to do... its becoming rather stress fuland draining esp for her dad has he is up at 5 every morning for work. (he's a delivery driver)

we have a son who is now 7 and he slept through from 3 weeks od and we'venever had any problems like this.
as anyone else experienced this problem... please help


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Catherine - posted on 12/10/2010




my 2 year old still wakes one most nights, I try not to get him up but he sleeps in a room with his 3yr old brother so sometimes I have so he doesn't wake him. usually I take him a drink, then give him a cuddle while he's still in his cot. he stands up and rests his head on my shoulder. I stroke his hair for a while til he calms then lay him back down. he has a favourite blanket which he likes but we also bought him a new teddy (well pig) and he cuddles that then I go, I also sometimes leave the door open a crack then he doesn't cry when I leave

Amy - posted on 12/09/2010




Hon, hate to say it, but because you gave in, now you have to correct it. She now expects milk and cuddles. When my son started waking due to teeth, i gave nothing but a quick hug and told him it was night time..time to sleep. I laid him down and asked if he wanted a drink of water. IF he did, I gave him a sippy to lay down with and left the room. Now we just put a sippy of water on his crib [one of those that had the changing table on the end, it's now his lil nightstand] and if he wakes up, he grabs it himself and goes back to bed. I would start with no more milk. If you have a rocker, maybe just rock her in her room until she's calm and then lay her down with something she can cuddle like a toy or something. or if she wanted a cup of water, maybe some of that. When my son had trouble teething, I gave him some kid's chewable calcium/magnesium and it helped him sleep at night, too. More peacefully. I hear you on the sleep. It's oh so precious!! It's been so long - almost a year, since you gave her this new routine. It's going to take a while to swing it back. I also don't think she's hungry - it's just a habit. Create a new habit. Stick with it. Keep her in her room when she's being comforted so she associates it with sleep and bed. You may have to let her cry if a new routine doesn't work. Just don't continue to go into her room when she cries and leave when she stops then she'll start again because, gee, crying brings mom BACK!!! ") It's not easy. I wish the absolute best.

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