my daugther is 3

Nikki - posted on 03/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daugther is 3 and she has gone to the bathroom by herself for almost 7 months now and she wont wear a pull up to bed but she wont get up tog o to the bathroom she keeps peeing in her bed but will use the bathroom all day long is that normal


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Kylie - posted on 03/18/2009




i use good night nappy pants for my daughter who is 3 they have ballarinas on them and they arn't so much nappies to her because they were newly introduced when the nappies came off during the day and i told her that the were bedttime knickers and she doesn't know any differant i think they work out cheaper than pullups and they hold more liquid i have been looking into bedwetting latly and they say there is nothingyou can safly do to stop it i know my mum tried all the electrical wake up devices with me and in the end children will stop when there body is ready every child is differant and if you put to much of an enficis on your child about wetting the bed it can make them really nervoise which will make them wet the bed even more sometime cildren who get a big enfisis on the bedwetting end up wetting the bed well into there early to late teens so it is better to buy some new nappy for bed and tell her they are not nappies if you havn't used huggies nappy pants they would be cheaper again as well

Rachael - posted on 03/17/2009




I wouldn't cut off heer liquids at 5 hydration is important. Other than that I don't really have any suggestions my daughter is 2 1/2 and after the first week of using the potty I stopped the pull ups at night and she has only had one accident. I she still drinks up to the time she goes to bed and she is fine with holding it. I think it just depends on the child. Maybe talk to your pediatrician

Andrea - posted on 03/16/2009




so so so very normal I have to agree with Chilli not so much liqiud my son who is four just started sleeping through without wetting every now and then he wets the bed but not offten. If you are concerrned you can bye a bed linner that beeps once it's wet and wakes you up so you can take them to the toilet. also you can bye a pull up that has her fav cartoon on might help.. We also woke him up before we went to be 930ish and carried him to the toilet which helped as well also books that talk about it are out there..

GOOD LUCK but it is norm....

Chelli - posted on 03/16/2009




My daughter never had issues at night but i would try either sneaking in after she was asleep and putting a pullup on her, when she wakes up angry tell her if she can go thru the night dry you wont anymore..

OR... try not giving her any liquid after about 630, make her potty before bed and tell her each night she goes without an accident at night you will add 15 minutes to the no drink rule, hopefully within 7 nights she got used to holding it.


I truly think if she focuses before bed on holding it (and lack of liquids) she will get used to it, when i started weaning my daughter at night i gave her dinner at 5 and cut off all liquids, she only had one accident at night, she felt so bad it never happened again...


Good luck!

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