My daugther Lilly 19 months old, was a complete angel until i went away on vacation for a week with my husband and left her at grandmas. Since leaving grandmas she has become a complete brat. she has non stop whined cryed and gave me attitude what can i do to correct what grandma has wronged?


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Karen - posted on 11/01/2008




Oooooh. The dreaded visit to Grandma's House. My kids go through that every time we visit. The only effective way to deal with it that I have found is to complete ignore what ever grandma may have done. Stick your own rules more than ever. Everytime she spouts off, put her in time out. Everytime she whines, put her in time out. No warnings, no exceptions. It seems really harsh, but kids have really short memories. She got used to Grandma's rules, and she probably really doesn't remember yours. Whip her back into shape! (Please note, I'm being fiigurative here ;) )

Ashley - posted on 11/01/2008




Well, let's not blame it all on Grandma - my nephew does that after every family vacation - it's part of disrupting their schedule, expecting different things at different places, etc. My brother swears it takes a week to recover after every trip. My son did that to but not to the same degree - of course, we haven't gone anywhere in a few months, so we will see.

So, to answer, I'd say that I would remind her patiently of the rules, and don't give in when she whines and cries. Tell her "we don't speak like that - say please and thank you - or yes please, no thank you" and above all, if you model patience, she will copy with her own patience. (I know, easier said than done - it's one of my worst flaws.

Good luck.

Just don't give in and reinforce the rules. It will take a few days, but pretty soon she will see that home is how it always has been and not like Grandmas.

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