My kid likes to put everything in his mouth. I know this is normal, but can anyone recommend new ways I can try to prevent this, other than saying no(he hates that word)?


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Carmela - posted on 02/03/2009




I know its very hard to your kid saying no all the time.I tried to tell my 3 year old son not to put it in his mouth or else he will choke himself.For example he likes eating popcorn,I notice he likes to put everything so I tried to give him few pieces and show him how to eat it.If it's a toy, I tried to put it away since most kid eat small pieces of toys.One time,im doing jewelry making and I know his smart not to touch it but he showed me that he was chewing something.Of course, I spank him a little and give him a warning.They are curious at this stage so keep on showing the proper way and if they can't listen,small spank will do the trick..Not too hard okay...

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