My pediatrician thinks my son has a food allergy, so we are keeping a food diary and a description of his bm to see which foods are causing his loose bm. We're keeping his diet pretty bland and trying soy milk and slowly working in foods to find his food triggers. Any suggestions or has anyone else been through this process? Thanks!


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Kate - posted on 11/25/2008




You didn't say how old he is ... but we saw a GI in October for this same issue. Our youngest -- 2 years old -- consistently has loose BMs and diarrhea 3 to 5 times a day. We took him off dairy for a month, but no difference, avoided fruit juice, but no difference... He was diagnosed with toddler's diarrhea, which is quite common .... The doctor told us that they generally grow out of it once they are potty trained.

During the GI appointment one thing the doctor examined him for was distended, bloated stomach ... which he didn't have. This would indicate lactose intolerance or milk allergy. He also got the works on fecal tests and blood tests -- including testing negative for Celiac disease. I'd talk to your pediatrician, and get a referral to a GI.

Jana - posted on 11/24/2008




I am going through this process right now. We switched to lactose free milk (not soy) 2 weeks ago and it helped a lot but now every day is a guessing game as to what foods will do what to my 15 month old. We see the doctor in a week and my gut tells me it is something enternal verses a food trigger. I will have to wait and see. Since starting this process my daughter has been eating less and less, are you having any problems with getting your son to eat?

Jessica - posted on 11/24/2008




I have heard that babies that are allergic to milk should not have soy, it could react in the same way as milk. You didn't say how old your son was, but depending on his age you could have an allergy test done. I am allergic to milk and soy, my son is not but he does have an allergy to nuts. My ped Dr. said the allergy test is safe and it wont hurt him. One thing to also consider is, is your son teething? Lets chat more about this!

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