My son eats little other than goldfish crackers!

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This behavior bothers me, even though I've read all of the articles about how a toddler's appetite will decrease at 12 months and how they won't starve themselves, blah blah blah. My son is 13 months old and doesn't even weigh 20 pounds yet! It seems like all he'll eat is crackers. I offer him whatever my husband and I have for meals, but when he doesn't eat that I'll often cave and just give him what I know he'll eat. I guess I have several problems here so any advice you can give me would be appreciated!


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My opinion may seem a bit harsh, I hope I don't offend...

I suggest that you keep introducing new foods like you have been as their taste can change from week to week as their taste buds develop....but don't keep giving in to him They have very strong will powers as you see and are incredibly smart. He will start to eat what you offer when he gets hungry enough. Are you giving allot of milk and juice and other little snacks thru out the day? Sometimes you may even have to put the new food in his mouth to get him to try it. Not harshly by any means. Talk to a pediatric nutritionist to see if they recommend liquid supplements in the meantime. Good luck and stay tough. My children each went thru this as do my grandchildren now. It will turn and your little man will catch up.

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Don't cave, he'll eat better at the next snack or meal. Plus, he's trained you to give him goldfish if he waits long enough.

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Thanks for your help, ladies! He does eat other stuff sometimes; maybe I made it sound worse than it really is? I do offer him whatever we're having for our meal - everything from tilapia to pancakes - but you're right about giving in! He knows I'm weak when it comes to hunger!

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add a multi vitamin to his diet to make sure he's covered and let the obsession run its course. He'll tire of it in time

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Try offering him a goldfish cracker only after he takes a bite of a different food - this first, then you can have a cracker. You can start with a food similar to the goldfish, like a piece of cereal, and then try to expand the variety. If you only give him goldfish after he tastes other food it will be more effective. Good luck!


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Patricia - posted on 06/12/2010




I am right there with you! My 22 month old does not eat hardly anything. and the "don't worry he will eat when he is hungry" thing NOT TRUE. mine starves herself for days
we don't do snacks anymore, no juice, just plain water at meal time and whatever we are eating. I am at my whits end....
the pediatrician put her on pediasure, and that in my opinion made it worse because now she wants that and only that, they are some stubborn I tell you! Can't wait to see that specialist!

Jenn - posted on 06/11/2010




I did the same thing when my boy was his age... but i always offered him other things too... like try putting cheese on the crackers or dipping the crackers into something so he will have to taste it to eat the cracker... add some little bite sausages with his crackers... u can really do a lot with crackers. my son is two and i still have to sneak in some things to get him to try something new, and yes sometimes he spits it out and yells at me.. but sometimes it's a winner... kids are just trial and error sometimes.

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my son did the same thing i promise it will pass now he eats more than i do no joke! it really is nothing to worry about but u can try giving him cheese on the crackers or other small foods even food u normally wouldnt put on the crackers! kids will eat weird things!!

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Your child will eat when he is hungry. . The rule of thumb is to provide the food - your child will decide if and when he wants to eat it. . if you are consistant he will eat. . so he may go a day with no food but TRUST me it wont last longer then that (I took early childhood care and education) and that is what they taught us. . If you give in to him now at 13 months, he is going to get everything he wants, never eating what he needs. . Good luck :)

Nicole - posted on 05/28/2009




My son is almost 20 months and only weighs 23 pounds, so no worries. Remember, boys are very active too. My son literally eats all day, but he would rather snack then eat meals. Kids in this stage don't eat alot of meat either. Just give him some fruits, veggies, healthy snacks. Introduce him to new foods every day. He may find something else he likes, but he can't live off crackers. I found that my son liked those toddlers meals too. They are supposed to be for 2+ in age, but the texture is just fine for younger children. Maybe give him a spoon or fork and see if he wants to try feeding himself, maybe he's becoming more independent already and wants finger foods.

Kelly - posted on 05/28/2009




I feel for you... my oldest was picky too and he was underweight for the longest time... I kept offering foods and he eventully started eating them. His appitite did fluctuate though. Just before a growth spurt he'd start eating everything he could... but between them he was just like your little one... eating only crackers and cherios

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