My son had 2 febrile seizures, any moms that can relate, share advice?

Leanne - posted on 03/08/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 14months, healthy, intelligent, and reaches his milestones way in advance. On the 13th of February 2010, my husband and I thought we lost our beautiful boy, he had a very bad febrile seizure, his temperature was not exceedingly high 37.2, I gave him medication for the temperature and bathed him in luke warm water, as I layed him down after the bath to put on a nappy, he cried and when I picked him up he stopped breathing, turned blue, eyes rolled over and became completely numb. This lasted under three minutes,but never being exposed to this before, we as parents freaked and rushed him to hospital as soon as he became consious.

He was hospitalized and my pediatricians assured my that febrile seizures are pretty normal, and 1 out of 25 children get these seizures, which are not harmful for the brain,they don't feel any pain duing the seizure and that it is not neccessarily epelleptic related.

However all went fine after we were hospitalized and I was counselled by my pediatrician in order to know what to do next incase it should happen again. I also did a lot of research just to be prepared (just in case)

On Saturday 6 March 2010 at 21h15, my son gave a scream, one like Ive never heard before, I ran up stairs to find him awake in his cot, his pupils huge and not responding to his name, he had difficulty breathing, and his whole body shook and all I did was holding him against me and I sang to him gently . I tell you I was shaking, but remained calm in my head, two minutes later his seizure stopped and he was immesely tired, and slept further. I checked his temperature and it was normal 36.5 degrees.

This is really quite scary for me, however remaining calm second time around was "easier". Is there any moms out there that has experienced this before, any advice for me?Please help, I feel quite unsure about this.thanks


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Hi, my daughter who's 2 and a half has a past history of Febrile Seizures. I asked all my friends who have children if they have experienced this with their kids, and of course they all said no. The doctors told me it was so common, but no one I knew had ever had this happen to their kids. She has had a total of 4, they started when she turned 14 months. They are very scary, I still get scared and take action when my daughter gets a fever. She is fine and they didn't effect her at all. The last one she had was the worst of all, we we're in the hospital over night. But when she woke up she was back to her self. We called 911 two out of the four times that she had hers. She's had an EEG and that came back normal. She had hers at low temps no higher than 100 degrees. She's actually just geting over being sick and has been running fevers that went p to 102.7 the highest temp she has ever had. I was so worried that she was going to have another Febrile Seizure, thank God she hasn't. They say they out grow them and I'm praying that my daughter has. My Doctor perscribed a medicine called Diastat Acudial, it's a rectal medication. I haven't had to use it and I hope I never have to. When she had her seizures she just stared off into space and really didn't shake but for a second. Her eyes did roll and she was unresponsive, but only for under 5 minutes. Then she would be right back to her normal self you wouldn't have know anything had happend. Her last one lasted the longest over 30 min and she had a couple during that time. When she finally woke up it took her a little bit to be able to talk she was studdering, we thought oh no did this one effect her, but the doctor said it was just her brain trying to catch back up. Their body has to learn everything over again, so it takes a little bit for everything to go back to normal. And it did she's fine. I was scared she would have one during the night and I wouldn't know it, so I always had her sleep with us till she got better. The doctor told me it wouldn't hurt her if she did have one and we didn't attend to her. But that thought scares me, so even now since she's been sick she's been sleeping in our room this week. It might be a little hard getting her back on her schedule but that's ok. I hope your child is ok and out grows this as well. If you have an other questions please ask. I know I kinda rambled here but I got carried away :)

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