my son has a dry, rough and scaly skin what should i need to do. please help me


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Lactobacillus acidophilus (probiotics) can help!

Food allergies frequently cause dermatological problems such as eczema. In fact, it is estimated that approximately one third of young children with atopic eczema suffer from clinically significant food allergies.
This study is an evaluation of 10 breastfed infants with atopic eczema who were allergic to cow's milk. Lactobacillus GG was given to the nursing mothers at a dose of 2x1010 colony- forming units twice daily for one month. Over a one-month period, this therapeutic intervention with Lactbacillus GG resulted in significant symptomatic improvements. There was a substantial reduction in alpha1-antitrypsin in the treated infants, but not in the group receiving the whey formula without Lactobacillus GG. These results indicate that therapy with probiotic bacteria may reduce GI inflammation, promote intestinal health and cause improvements in eczema in patients with food allergies.

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check out cetaphil you can find it in most pharmacy should cost under $15 last along time, my daughter hasd the red scaly skin from head to toe and this worked better and lasted better than any of the prescriptions that were given to her..., this lady is a nurse and started her own business she developed a butt cream for her daughter who has extremely sensitive skin it is the best and we also love her Shea Butter products, and all her products are 99% organic!!! and her prices are very good. her email is, good luck!!!

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Eucerin cream works wonders and so does Aquaphor. However, it sounds like your son has a bad case of eczema and I would consult a doctor. He made require prescription creams.

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How often are you bathing him? I would cut down to one bath a week. Little kids don't really need more than that. If you must bathe him more than that, don't use soap with every bath (or at least not on his whole body -- bum only, etc.). Moisture him every day (or twice a day). For areas that are really dry or itchy (where he is scratching), you can apply some cortisone cream and then put a lotion on top of the cortisone. The best lotions are really "creams" that have petroleum jelly in them or some other type of barrier cream -- e.g., Vaseline Advanced Healing, St. Ive's Intensive, Curicel (sp?), Neutrogena Hand Cream, etc. You want something thick, thick, thick -- regular lotion won't do.
If it's really bad, I would see a doctor too. If you think it is allergy related, you can also see a doctor for that too. My sons don't have allergies (yet) but both have very dry skin -- if I bathe them to frequently (particularly in the winter), their skin becomes a mess.


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lotion lotion lotion!!!! # times a day if possible and after bath, If it becomes really bad try asking the doctor for some hydrocortizone cream.

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I would go and see your doctor, they were really helpful for me when my daughter started to develop Eczema at about 4 months old. Try something without any perfumes in such as Aqueous cream, we use a cream called Doublebase which we have prescribed by the doctor but I think you can buy it at the chemist. You can also try oilatum for the bath instead of soap but be careful as it makes the bath pretty slippy!!

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Oh -- apply the lotion IMMEDIATELY after taking his out of the tub. You want to "lock" as much of the water into his skin as possible.

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Probably eczema. Eczema is usually triggered by an allergy to something.

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