my son hes three and hes so hyper active he never keep still he even cries out in his sleep he dont listen when i talk to him sometime it gets a bit too much.


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Ashley - posted on 01/28/2009




maybe its the color die in the foods he eats. my son if he has red die he gets hyper. like in strawberry milk or something he eats in the morning. different dies do different things in kids. but i know how your feeling right now mine is doing the same but not crying out at night

Melissa - posted on 01/28/2009




Great advice from Chrisandra! But if you can't take him outside, there's always the mall with those indoor play areas. And I just realized the other day while shopping at Old Navy that my kid will have fun anywhere! He blew off a bunch of steam just running around at Old Navy (they've got balls to play with too). If anyone works at Old Navy, I'm sorry (I used to, I understand) but it works!

Chrisandra - posted on 01/28/2009




Maybe it is a matter of getting him outside to get rid of the extra energy. Remember back in the day when the moms said go outside and we went? By the time we came in we smelled like wet dog and were dog tired. I know when my kids are cooped up for more than 2 days they are unbearable. But when we go out they are too tired not to listen and sleep is a blessing. If this trick doesn't work take him to the dr and see if he has suggestions.

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