my son is 15mnths, he used to love his bath & now he screams the entire time, any1 kno how to help?


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Denise_mcentee - posted on 11/14/2009




My son did the same thing around the same age. We were baffled. Still am (he's now almost 5). He stuck with the screaming for a good month or two. He was strong for his age so I couldn't force it either because it was dangerous if he was thrashing in the tub. We tried getting him to tell us why but he wouldn't (and he had a big vocabulary at that age). Do you think he has any sensitivities? I do think possibly for my son it might have been the hair washing or the drain- but I really don't know. One day he was fine again. So during that period I just tried to wash him down with a wet rag w/ soap also. Or get lots of towels and soap him up on the towels and rinse him there (not in tub) - if he'll let you or if you are adamant about the cleaning and need to force it in a safer environment than a tub. Try not to make a huge deal out of it- I know that is hard- but it will probably fade sooner if you can stay calm. Bribery with more bath toys might work too. And as someone suggested, maybe skipping the hair washing after bribing with a toy to get them in - so they feel safe for a few baths before you try it again. Then maybe get the special hair washing buckets or visors from toys r us to change how the hair is washed and make him feel safer. Or being silly and allowing the hair washing in the sink with a sprayer if you have one- he might enjoy that- or just changing it up might help. Good luck!

Kim - posted on 11/14/2009




My son did the same thing at that age. We found out that he was terrified of the drain. We had to start from scratch with the bath process. We had to bath him in the sink for about a week, then moved up to taking showers with dad, then we moved him back to the bath tub. We let him stand up while we washed him for a few days, then he eventually sat at the far end of the tub. Eventually he was back to normal. Just give him time and don't push him. That will only make it worse.

Sharleen - posted on 11/08/2009




My daughter who is going on 2 started hating her bath time and a few weeks later came out in a rash turns out she was having a reaction to the bubble bath which we had been using for a while but it took that time to build up, we now only use baby soap and shampoo and she is slowly getting back to wanting a bath....just a thought.

Kelly - posted on 11/08/2009




My son is 21 months and around 15 months he started doing the same thing. Not sure what it was. He eventually got over it went back to loving his baths and then a couple of months later we went through the same thing again. Since then we have gone through several patches where he hates having a bath, then all of a sudden he'll be telling us when he wants one. We have no idea what it's all about. even when he is hating his baths he'll still love swimming in a pool, at the beach or anywhere else but just won't do the bath. When he's going through these stages, if we have the time one of us will have a shower with him. Other times we put him in the bath and put up with the screaming while we just give him a quick wash down, but other then that we don't push it too much. I know a couple of other Mum's that have gone through the same thing as well, and they don't know what sets it of either.

Melita - posted on 11/08/2009




Did he get a scare? like he go under water and got a fright? Try not washing his hair for a few days as water on his head may be what hes afraid of. I actually got in with my son a couple times when he was crying, low water that suited him so its abit cold but comforting for him. Try not to baby talk him too, like its ok... aw baby kind of thing as it positively enforces negative feelings towards bathtime. Instead you could try saying oh this fun, we like water, ooh nice and warm. Sounds kind of silly but it really does work. Maybe you could also have a bath while he is playing on the floor so he can see that you are not scared and nothing bad happens to you in there. Good luck finding your happy bathtime baby again. :)

Marilena - posted on 11/07/2009




did you change anything, like the place you wash him in? Could it be that he feels cold, now that the weather is getting colder? Is he sleepy or hungry when you start bathing him? If none of the above is true then maybe you could try a) a bathing ritual (specific happy and loud songs about the bath, saying out loud what you do "now we are washing your little feet!", "Where are your hands? Give me your right hand so I can wash it" etc, b) give him smth to do, like give him a second sponge so that he can pretend he is washing himself, a toothbrush or a toy.

Good luck

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