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my son is 2.7 years and still doent talk...few words here and there,,,what can i do?


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Nade - posted on 04/16/2010




thanx alot for your reply...before i did this post i had his hearing checked which he has failed on the test....:( but have a peadiatricians app.soon so hopefullly he will guide me...i have thought about forcing him to say words but thought that was just putting tooo much pressute and stress on him but i will do it for sure to start him up...thanx again

Louise - posted on 04/15/2010




As a person who has studied speach and language therapy in the under fives I would say take him to the doctors. At around two you should see signs of language developing into two and three word sentences. Your son is now 2.7 so if he is struggling he needs to be investigated. It could be many things delaying his speach. For example an ear infection which has left him with muffled sound. If he is the youngest child parents tend to do everything for them. Children can just point and we will fetch juice for them. Make your son ask for things and force him to speak. It is always a good idea to have him checked out so that you know there are no underlying problems. Ask to be referred to a speach therapist who will give you simple games to play with your child to encourage speach. Before long you wont be able to shut him up!

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