My son is 2yrs and 3mths. Any advice about potty training? It's not going as smoothly as planned!


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Mary - posted on 08/28/2010




honestly the best thing is to be patient.

keep him on the potty as long as possible and then reward with time off it. give him five minutes to ten minutes off of it and then get him to sit again. lots to drink and let him watch tv or whatever it takes to get him to stay on it.. eventually he will go, and then time off the potty is longer.

i trained my daughter in five days. she is trained thru the night already with hardly any accidents at all

Carly - posted on 08/27/2010




I used a coffee can and mine was potty trained before his 2nd birthday.... He like the noise the can made and it helped extremely.... I then started slowly getting him on the training potty now he uses the big potty by HIMSELF!!!!! He turned 2 in March...

Marsha - posted on 08/27/2010




Potty training can be fustrating eheh I havent read all the responses so sorry if someone already mentioned it..
keep taking him to the potty every 1/2hr or hour if he does something reward him I got my daughter to put a sticker on a poster I made if she did both she got two.. my son was faster then my daughter but daycare helped out there just bc everybody else is doing it maybe let him see someone 'use it'..
just a thought.. GOOD LUCK

Jessie - posted on 08/27/2010




I just had a break through with my 2 year and 1month old...she wanted to go on the potty like her big sister. she would run to the bathroom and pee in her diaper then sit on the potty, wipe and flush the potty she was so happy with this and after a month of her doing this and then yesturday she went on the potty and I went balistic in happiness, dancing and singing. She just looked at me and wondered what I was doing. But today put her in underwear and she went again on the potty and I danced and she got a treat. Then she even has a poop on the potty. Today when we went out put on a diaper and then we got home she peed before I got off the diaper and at bed time I put a diaper on her but put the potty in her room. This seems to be working for use....

Hannah - posted on 08/27/2010




I just potty trained my 25 month old in 1 week. Make sure the 1st thing he does when he wakes up is sit on the potty. Let him hold a toy or something to keep him occupied. Talk to him bout the potty all the time. Don't ask him if he needs to go,..tell him lets go potty. show him stickers and explain that when he goes peepee he gets a sticker (make a potty chart with him). After he goes pee let him help empty potty in the big toilet and let him flush. Thats my sons favorite part! Pull UPS are only for going places and bedtime but my son sleeps in underwear cause he's been doing so well.
Good luck and hang in there

Marcy - posted on 08/25/2010




He's still really young. Honestly, at that stage I would just let him kind of get the hang of the potty, maybe start asking him if he wants to sit on it, take his diaper off and let him lead the way. IMO potty training has to be something that is really child know that old can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink...

I agree with getting rid of the pull ups at home. Just let him run around naked, ask him to sit on the potty every hour or so, big praises when he goes and lots of hugs when he has accidents....

Tara - posted on 08/25/2010




when at home don't use pull ups. I did this with all my children. my youngest turned 2 back in may and is potty trained with the exception of an accident about once a week.

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