my son is 3 and we can't get him to sleep in his bed. What can i do?


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Elicia - posted on 09/16/2009




We had the same problem with our daughter, what we did was made routine, by letting her watch her favourite tv program, n then at 6.30pm we will take her to her bed n read her a book of her choice, then at the begging we would stay in the room with her until she went to sleep, n then when she got more confident we still did the same but after the book we would just say, ok time for sleep now n gave her a kiss n then just left the room. It is hard at first, but consistancy , and routine is the key! good luck

Cindy - posted on 09/16/2009




this might sound silly but it might work, just for a few weeks, move his bed (or matress if you dont have room) into you and your hubby/partners room right next to yours, it might be a little cramped but wont be for long. let him sleep in his bed right next to you guys for a few nights and slowly move the matress near the door and let him sleep there a few nights and then slowly move the matress back into his bedroom, i know it sounds silly but it worked for a friend of mine, it toke a week and a bit, they just have to get used to their bed, go on a shopping trip and let him pick out new sheets for this "moving bed game" if that doesnt work, you could have a camping week, go buy a sleeping bag, play bbq, play tent and put it in his room, tell him this week he will be camping in his room, invite siblings/cousins to join in, its not that he doesnt want to sleep in his bed, because if you lay down in his bed with him all night, i bet you he would stay there, its just the fact he likes to be close to you and hubby, once he breaks that habit with a few fun nights in his room, he will be fine..hopefully goodluck

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