My son is 3 years old and still on the bottler i want to say good bye to bottle any ideas


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4ng3l49 - posted on 03/02/2017




I just took my three year old son Wyatt off his bottle recently. I bought him two Sippy and a cup with a straw and explained to him that if he's going to school this fall he needs to be able to drink from a cup cuz big boys don't use bottles. He's still struggling with no bottle but I use out of sight out of mind approach. As long as he don't see a bottle he won't want one.

Mandy - posted on 05/25/2010




i was very fortunate in this dept. with my first son. by 9 mths he only used a sippy cup with a straw......... didn't want the bottle after that. my other son who is almost 1 now, refuses to give up on the bottle a bed time. so, i'm trying the idea of only putting water in it. i offer him a sippy with milk before bed while he sits in my lap. if he fusses until he sees the bottle, i give it to him, but it doesn't have what he wants. so, now he tosses it and goes for the sippy cup. it seems to be working so far and its been almost 2 wks. give it a try! it just may work............ and you don't have to listen to them cry about it till the sleep wins! :)

Elizabeth - posted on 05/25/2010




Use the bottle fairy. Explain to your son that he is too big for bottles and you need to send them to the bottle fairy who will bring them to the little babies who need them. Have him help package/bag them up (you could even have him color a label for the bottle fairy). Then right before bed put them outside. After he is asleep you can dispose of them. You might want to have a toy or something to put in their place that he could find in the morning - as if the bottle fairy left him a "thank you" gift.

Angela - posted on 05/24/2010




my son can drink from cups and he does not take sippy cup he takes them apart My daughter is the same way the only time they have bottle is bed time and that is it but I heard that they need to be off the bottle comply to be potty train

Julie - posted on 05/23/2010




Does yer son also drink from a cup? If not start introducing it during meals when he's in his high chair eating. Make it his only option during meals and he'll get used to drinking from a cup then eventually you will be able to give him a bottle less and less and a cup more and more. Until it doesn't matter to him anymore. That's how it worked with my son. I started at about 10 months with a cup every time I could and by his first birthday he was only using a cup. It should be the same for your 3 year old I would think.

Jennifer - posted on 05/22/2010




My daughter is 22 months and I want her off too. At about 17 months I took her off the daytime bottle and she drank from sippy cups once she got used to it and realized I was not gonna give her a bottle Then a couple months later I took her off her nap bottle - so if she wants to nap she can take a sippy with her. Now she has for bed only - and is only water as then maybe she won't be as upset when take that away in hopefully a couple weeks. She is STILL teething (working on her 4 last eye teeth - well til the 2nd year molars come in) then am taking her off as the bottle comforts her off course and teethin is not easy for her. But just gradually wean them I think (I would not just take it totally away) but it really all depends on your child as you know them best. And at 3 you should definately be able to explain to them that they don't need a bottle as he/she is not a baby.

Lynss - posted on 05/22/2010




i had that problem with my eldest daughter all i did is take the bottles away and replased them with beakers if he realy wants a drink he will use the beaker it sounds narsty but it dose work be strong and dont give in.

Michelle - posted on 05/22/2010




i asked the same thing a little while back and some the responses that i got i didnt like. they told me to take the bottle away completely but if i would have done that i would have had to listen to him cry for ever and i didnt want i just give him the bottle at night time and the sippy cup during the day and it is working..i have to work on not giving him the bottle at night time and just the sippy cup but he isnt stupid he understands that the hard sippy cups are not his way im here if you need any help...and my son will be 2 in july...

Carmen - posted on 05/21/2010




First of all I want to say some advice you get about this subject you may not like but it is after all just advice. I had a hard time getting my youngest not to want a bottle anymore especially at night and he'll be 2 in October. All I did was gradually give him a sippy cup instead of the bottle and in like a week and a half he didn't want the bottle anymore. I had to make sure it was a sippy cup ith the hard lid and spout otherwise he wouldn't take it. They have soft nipple one's out there too if that's what he prefers. I hope this helps and good luck.

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