My son is 3 yrs old, What should I do?

Mommy Of 2 - posted on 02/19/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




ok my son is the sweetest boy ever. now out of no where hes been acting different. having attitudes, saying stuff he normally wouldnt say. hes being mean to his sister i mean the list could go on. this is unordinary for him. i thought he already went and got away from the terrible 2s lol, but after when he turned 3 he was fine and was great then outta no where he turned into a different kid. he even told his godmom who is my best friend that he hates mommy and that he dosnt want to come home. i dont do anything to my child besides but him on timeout or smack his hand when hes not suppose to be doin something hes doing. i just dont understand why hes acting like this....anyone have any suggestions or really anything? thankyou


Louise - posted on 02/20/2011




Sit him down and ask him why he is telling people that he does not like mummy and see what he says. If he has no answer then make it clear to him that it hurts mummies feeling when he says this. He is old enough to understand about emotions and telling him he is being unkind should be enough to stop this. If he continues then you need to get down to his level and look him in the eye and say this makes mummy very sad why do you want mummy to be sad. Make him apologise and keep doing this until he learns that what he says has consequences.


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