My son is in a biting frenzy, He is 14 months with 8 teeth what should i do to help him?

Kelly - posted on 11/23/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




He eats his blankets, throws his teethers. i tried sugar water soakin a facecloth then freeze it.. and he ate the facecloth! i wear a robe and he attacks me everytime i have it on..


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Nikki - posted on 11/26/2009




2 words- frozen bagels! They were a godsend, and whenever I had a problem with him chewing, he was redirected to one. A friend of mine used a rubber teething toy she got of the net I swear looked to me like one of those "Kong" dog toys. It was called super chewie or something. Good luck!

Kristy - posted on 11/23/2009




Hi as long as he isnt actually biting you or other kids and people its most likely simple teething. At 14 months he should have more then 8 teeth, but this is also not to unusual. One of my niece was nearly 18 months before she cut her first tooth. There is a special thing you can buy that you stuff with fruit and freeze but if he can bite through things is may not hold up to him!! Its like a mesh sort of outer double thickness i think and has like a ring thing on one end that they hold then they chew on the mesh area. This massages the gums at the same time. He may also benefit by another outlet try giving him something to distract him when he starts in on something really strong. Its a hard thing to get through but like i said its more of a concern if he starts biting you and other people. If that happens i know alot of people would never even come close to agreeing with me on this but the only way to stop a biter is to bite them back. I know so many that do agree with this tact and an awful lot that wouldnt but with some kids its the only way and usually only takes once.

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