my son is lactose intoloreant and also can't have soya does any one know how i can get calcium into his diet


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Veronica - posted on 03/31/2009




I give my daughter the enriched Rice Milk and she loves it! Also lots of cheese and yogurt were fine for her even though regular milk gave her the runs all the time!!! As soon as I had switched her to Rice Milk when she was 15 months old, she was find! No more diaper problems!!! She still drinks Rice Milk at 2 years old! Good luck!

Kelly - posted on 03/31/2009




Quoting Carly:

ok thanks i will have to try some of them he can't have cheese or yougharts

If he can't have cheese or yogurt , are you SURE he's lactose intolerant? Or does he actually have an alergy to milk? They are not the same thing. Lactose is a "sugar" in mikl. Being intolerant means your body doesn't digest it. An alergy has nothing to do with digestion (it certainly affects it) but the symptons of allergies are much more widespread than just intestinal. Crabby, rashes, runny nose, prone to sickness, and I could go on. There is usually no lactose in cheese, not certain about yogurt, but like another mom suggested, lots of foods are fortified with calcium, and can be found in green leafys like romaine et al, broccoli, prunes, oats, almonds. It's best to just get your vitamins from natural sources (fruits veggies and whole grains), unless prescribed by a dr, because you can mess up the normal body chemistry fairly easily.

Colleen - posted on 03/31/2009




I had the same problem and here are some suggestions I was given

Foods containing the same amount of calcium as 300ml (10 fl oz) milk

Fromage Frais - 175g approx 3 small pots

Yoghurt - 80g approx one pot

Vanilla Ice Cream - 130g approx 2 scoops

Cheddar or Edam - 20g

Cottage Cheese - 200g

Cream Cheese - 175g

White Bread - 3 Large Slices

Dried Apricots - 200g

Dried Figs - 73g


I Think brocolli as well

[deleted account]

There's calcium everywhere. Some cereal, orange juice and breads plus tons more are fortified. There's always vitamins too.

Jocelyn - posted on 03/31/2009




My sons were like this but grew out of it at two years old. I would add lactaid drops to whole milk and it worked great. Found in the stomach section of pharmacies. This was recommended to me by a public health nurse

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