My son is starting to get sick. He has a runny nose? What should I and shouldn't I feed him?


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When my 2 year old gets a cold or congestion, we go with lightly spicy and lots of warm foods. Like Chicken soup with a little ginger added, nothing too hot or my daughter won't eat it, but the warmth and spice seems to help. I also give her probiotics (acidophilius, etc) made just for kids. It helps her immune system!

Joy - posted on 11/05/2008




Keep his off Dairy. It adds to the mucus. At CVS you can buy these all natural pills that are for sneezes and sniffles, and they work great at the onset. You give 2 pills (they disolve and can't be choked on) every 2 to 4 hours. Works like a charm! Load up on the fruits. And believe it or not, V8 V-Fusion is all fruit and veggie juice, NO SUGAR, and is a great substitute for apple or any of the high sugar juices...and it's still sweet and can be watered down. My kids LOVE it.

Suzanna - posted on 11/05/2008




I give my daughter things high in Vitamin C. That helps me tons when I am getting sick. I am usually only sick for a day or two and same for my daughter, if I give her the extra vitamin C when I first notice her symptoms. Do a google search for foods high in vitamin C and I'm sure you'll get a good list. We start with 100% orange juice usually.

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