My son is VERY hyper.

Crista - posted on 05/17/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is only 2 and working with 14 2yr olds all day, i realize most of them have moments of being squirmy and loud etc...My son acts out VERY badly some times, has had a bad biting spell, screams and is irrational alot and CAN NOT sit still at all! He gets very overwhelmed when noise levels are elevated (a party at school for example) and really acts out then. he also is scared to death when something like the dryer buzzer goes off, he runs screaming! He melts down constantly. I have 2 other children (5yr old and 4yr old girls) and while hyper at times or an occational melt down, they have moved past all that and i never had them act the way my son does. I am usually calm with him and that seems to help...could he have ADD or something? My ex husband (my children's father) was diagnosed as a child with both ADD and ADHD and was never treated in any way for it. I believe he is too young for tests etc.. what can i do to help him learn to be calm?!


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Jody - posted on 06/03/2014




I also av a 22 month old who is also so hyper went 2 family do on weekend n i didn't get 2 sit down he wa constantly on the go also he constantly throwin things n hittin his brother n sister n also me hes broke my telly he also as an heart problem n constantly suffers Wi his tonsils they due out soon at special hospital where they got everything 4 his heart problem i wud like sum advice aswel please xxxxx

April - posted on 05/30/2009




My son is three and is also very active. he also does alot of screaming and we went through a hitting and a bitting phase. We have moved passed the biting and we are still working on the screaming and the hitting. I have started to put him on a schedule, and I try to change his activities every so often. As he gets bored with the activity he becomes aggrivated, frustrated and the yelling comes out. I try to get him in activities, (sports) and also try to play outside as much as we can to burn that energy. We do 1/2 hour quiet time each day as he no longer naps. Also we just recently started taking a toy away every time he screams or hits. When he is doing something nice he earns the toys back. This has really helped alot. He does not want to loose his toys.

best of luck, and stay calm, im sure your doing great.

Crista - posted on 05/28/2009




Thanks for your comments. I am so frusterated because when he is in a daycare setting he is so upset all day but at home he is just the sweetest boy. Much more active and constantly into things but so much calmer when the noise level is lower. Wondering maybe some sort of sensory sensitivity...ugh good luck to all of you....

Rachel_white1977 - posted on 05/19/2009




I have a 2 year old boy as well who is also very hyper and has moments that he is extremely loud and then he has moments he is very quiet I would like some one to help me with ways of keeping him calm i have been told to try this thing by Natures Own it is a strawberry flavour tablet in a space man shape i give him two in morning and then two again about 3.30to 4.00pm in the afternoon i have to crush nmine up he would not eat it i put it in a strawberry milk it has worked but i am trying as many things as possible like changing bath time and meal time

Olivia - posted on 05/18/2009




I know how you feel i have a 6 year old that is very hyper he is now on a trial medication for ADHD it is helping him at school to sit and concentrate and learn and helps him to calm down.But like you said he is to young they dont do something until there about 5 year old and depend on how long they have been like it.It is hard when they are like that they need alot of attention to help keep them calm.I have two other children aswell so it does make it harder to deal with.Goodluck

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