my son jack is two and a half and just does not listen to anything i say! no punishment affects him he is so hard faced any idea's??


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Kristie - posted on 01/12/2009




Watch supernanny! I learned a lot from that show. You give one warning. Then send them to timeout. 2 yrs old 2 min. 3 years old 3 min. and so on... My son is soon going to be 3 and we hardly ever have to use it anymore. The warning works good enough now. Plus if my son continues to act out he has to go to bed. (usually its because he's tired) We are starting to use timeout with my daughter who just turned one.

Tasha - posted on 01/12/2009




When the time outs stopped working for us, or when our 3 yr old won't listen, toys start going away until she can show us she can take care of them and listen. It works really well. We have gone to a rotation with her toys...only 25% of them are available at a time. When she gets bored we can bring out "new" ones and she is much better. There have been a few days where she won't put them away or listen and I grab a bag and those toys go away... good behavior over a couple of days slowly earns toys back.

Helen - posted on 01/12/2009




Time out chair worked wonders for us. They have to sit there until you say they can move. I'd say 2-3 mins and only start that time from when they stop crying/yelling etc

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