My son just turned 3 this past November and we are still in the potty training process. He will go pee in the toilet, however, he refuses to have a BM int he toilet and will go either in his pull up or his underwear. Any sugestions on how i can get him to do his BM's in the toilet?


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Shae - posted on 01/16/2009




We had potty-trained my son almost a year ago (he was 2 1/2 at that point), because he was interested, but after a few days, he wouldn't go poop in the toilet either, and would ask for a diaper.  Eventually, he started holding it back so much, that he would go about 5 times a day in his underwear (not a lot, but just the stuff that came out by itself).  I know that's pretty gross and graphic, but he got clogged up...and he used to be very regular--like 2:30 everyday regular!  I decided to put him back in diapers after 6 weeks of him being trained, in hopes of getting him back on his "regular" schedule.  Well...this never happened...he was still backed up pretty bad.  We tried adding lots of fiber to his diet, we tried Miralax, and finally the dr. gave us some prescription stuff that just cleaned him out!  We kind of started from scratch after that.  About 2 months later (so actually 7 months from when we first potty-trained), we started again, and he did perfect!  He has only had one setback, and after we got through that, he has done really well....

So, I guess what I'm trying to advise here, is don't let him get backed up, because it can cause some major issues...we dealt with my son's issues for probably 5 or so months before finally getting it fixed...and i was so grossed out (and even boycotted changing his diaper--I made my hubby do it) was that bad!  As far as rewarding him, we would give him stickers, and he got more stickers if he went poop...and sometimes we had to "up the ante" of a reward, just because we wanted him poop so bad!  We would do small treats, bigger treats, or even an icecream cone, just something that made him excited to go poop!

Angie - posted on 01/16/2009




My son turned 3 this past June. We went through the exact same thing. It was so frusterating. We thought we had tried everything...he just refused! Well in desperation, I told him if he went poppy in the potty and not in his pants, that I would throw him a POOPY PARTY! I told him he could have cupcakes, party hat, ballon and a present. I was so desperate. He went 5 minutes later on the toilet!!! We had been trying for almost a year at this point. All it took was a poopy party. I think we got all the stuff for about $5.00 at the dollar store (except for the cupcake). My friend had a problem with her son too...she also tried the poopy party worked for her too! Good luck!

Jessica - posted on 01/16/2009




my son did the same thing when i potty trained him. He would pee in the toliet but would ask for a diaper when he had to go number two, then tell me he needed to be changed. He ended up using the potty when I forget to pick up more pull ups and then just continued to use the potty. I just went in with him the first time and encouraged him. we also got a treat after he finished.

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