My son puts his hand down his pants when he sleeps

Stacy - posted on 05/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is almost 3 and when he takes a nap or goes to bed he puts his hand down his diaper and in the morning his bed and PJ's are all wet. He is not potty trained at all. I have tried taping his diaper and buying 1 piece PJ's. I need help!


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Veronica - posted on 05/28/2009




I would work on potty training him. Simply start out by putting him immediatly on the toilet when he gets up in the morning, and stop his drinks at least an hour or two before bedtime, and make sure to get him on the pot at least one or two times before bed. He will then be night trained, the rest of the day wont take long, once he has that all down pat, he'll enjoy being dry - i usually stick my kids on the pot every hour -- pooping will kind of happen on its own in a way, just pay attention to the main times he goes, and try to get him on the pot around that time. Good luck!

Nicole - posted on 05/28/2009




Have you tried potty training him? Have you tried maybe a romper and then some sweatpants or something of that nature over the romper?

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