My son turns into a different boy at day care and they are giving me horrible reports each night. What can I do?


Kristen - posted on 01/26/2009




I had the same thing happen with my son when he was 2. It could be that he just doesn't respond well to the approach that the day-care is taking. We actually moved our son into a different day care because we believed that the methods the teachers in his first day care were employing were not appropriate for him. He is headstrong and not used to a rigid schedule. He tended to have the most problems when the class was transitioning between activities (the schedule was strictly followed). We moved him into a day-care that had an approach that if the kids were having fun and engaged they would keep doing whatever activity they were doing, which was more consistent with his days at home. He did much better in that environment. Then, when we moved into a new state, the transition was difficult for him. Since he was older when we moved (4) I spent more time talking to him about the reports he received, and praised him on the days when he got good reports. That has seemed to work well, he's getting glowing reports from his current day-care now.

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