My son uses every excuse not to go to bed?

Julie - posted on 02/08/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 3 and at bed time he uses every excuse not to go to bed. He uses excuses such as he is still hungry, wants daddy (or mummy depending on who is putting him to bed), needs someone to lay with him, read another book, more songs, he wants another drink, he needs to go to the toiltet again and the worst one is that he is "scared" of his room. We leave the light on in the passage for him and let him pick a toy to "look after him" but then he spends ages playing. If he throws a tantrum we try to ignore him, but he then wakes up our 5 month old baby! Any suggestions?


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We had the same problem. My daughter was waking up our baby. She had a sandwich when we read her, her books (3 books only) - that got rid of that excuse. Toilet after teeth cleaning - that got rid of that excuse. I just made sure she new the rules e.g 3 books, 1 sandwhich, 1 kiss, cuddle, who ever puts you to bed is putting you to bed you don't get the choice, we are in charge - don't let them call the shots. etc and that's it. When she called out I would go in 1 more time and say that is it. It took a few nights and our baby did get woken but I thought it was time just to nip it in the bud and that this problem needed our focus.

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