my son wakes up every night around 3 crying...

Noorin - posted on 12/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




my son is 1 yr +3 mnths old every night he wakes up around 3 crying till i hav to rock him in my arms and he sleeps in our bed sumtimes hav to giv him milk to calm him down... i dnt knw wats wrong y he doesnt sleep through out the night...


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Erica - posted on 12/11/2009




I'm with you. My 18 mo. old keeps waking up at 4am and I really hope this isn't a lasting phase!

Aside from teething and having colds, I've found my twins have disturbed sleep when there's a noise change, like the CD player or heater shuts off,
when the room is really dry, like it gets in winter (my humidifier is ineffective),
when they've had something to drink too close to bed time and their diaper is really wet
and when they either haven't slept enough in the day or go to bed too late.

The last one kind of surprised me because I'd think being really tired would make them sleep better, but according to what I've read, they sleep better at night when they're getting good naps. And some things I've read suggest putting them to bed a little earlier if they aren't sleeping well. Being on a regular sleep schedule helps too. (We've been making the shift from 2 naps to 1, so we haven't had a steady routine recently).

Maybe something there fits your situation. Mostly I just wanted to say, "oh, I know. it's tough." (I've also done some research about night terrors if he's screaming unconsolably in his sleep. There are a few other suggestions for that.)

Althea - posted on 12/11/2009




Hi Noorin,
My son is 10 and half months old and sleeps great through the night however everytime he starts cutting a new tooth he wakes up around the same time every night crying. I usually will put some baby orajil on his gums, give him his binky and he goes back to sleep. Just a thought...he may be teething and dealing with sore gums. Good Luck:)

Esther - posted on 12/11/2009




I wouldn't worry about it too much. My daughter, now nearly 3, had stages like this. Just try and calm her down and leave the room. I wouldn't take him into your bed though as they get used to it very quickly and then you'll never get him out.

Naomi - posted on 12/08/2009




Don't worry my 22 mths.....did the same thing there for a comes and goes sometimes but i tried not to introduce the sleeping in our bed thing as i didn't want to encourage that and have another problem to deal with later. I know though that at times you feel you have no other option as you just want to get some sleep yourself....i know i did it a couple of times....but i had to persevere....i have to say he is still getting up at night crying apparently due to teething etc....but i'm guessing he'll grow out of the meantime...i make sure at this stage of teething i give him some panadol before bed and in the afternoons i give him a product called "Brauer's - CALM" its fabulous and helps him...and get a good night sleep. Hope this helps a bit :)

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