My Son Will Be 3 In Nov & He Is Scared Of All Toilets So He Isnt Potty Trained Yet,How Do I Fix This


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Mindi - posted on 09/03/2009




We bought a childs potty, let our daughter cover it in stickers and then kept it in the living room for about 3 months. She didn't use it there, just had it around so she wasn't afraid of it. By the time we moved it into the bathroom and started training, she was very excited to use it and the potty was just a part of her life. Hope that helps!

Debbie - posted on 09/03/2009




hi u can also buy a potty that looks like a toilet and also has a flusher that may help as he can do the same as the rest of the family but doesnt have to go on the big toilet x

[deleted account]

hey try putting fruit loops in the toilet and tell him to shoot the bad guys in the traget. it might work. Juat a guess. Not sure if it will help, or if you have a smaller potty try one of those rather than the big potty. it can seem HUGE when you 3.

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