My sons bottom is blistered for the 3rd time from teething, could a change of diet help ?

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My happy little (almost 2.75 stone) has real problems everythme his is teething. Nearly 19 months he has 8 . Since he started teething around Xmas he has been in pain, and the skin around his bottom and all up the fron has blistered twice, it was so bad the last time we were in hosiptal and took the decision to have him out of a nappy for a week, incluing at night. I think early on I prepared myself for a difficuly time but this afternoon I notice he was crying and pulling at his nappy, when I checked he skin is showing signs of blistering. It is so distressing to see him scream in the bath and I keep thinking there area still 12 teeth yet to come. It goes without sayig that its rare we get a whole night sleep even now, we area still waiting to have a complete weeks sleep since he came in to our lives. I would absolutely love another baby but finding the time to be with my husband when we are not tired or distressed is virtually impossible. We have a range of cream which do seem to help but I was wondering if there was light at the end of the tunnel and if anyone knew if changes in diet would help ?


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When my daughter had those horribly acidic poops from teething, our doctor told us to put a zinc cream on it really really thick and every time she goes, don't wipe the zinc of. Just clean the poop or pee off of it gently, apply more if you can see any skin showing and put on the new diaper. So we did that and actually instead of wiping at all, we put her in the sink for every poop and gently sprayed it with our sink sprayer and within 4 days she had a nice clear bum again. The doctor said that if you wipe every time, you are just wiping away the new skin cells that are trying to grow and starting the process over again. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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You can use a warm rag to wash her with since the wipes burn a bit. I have to use sensitive skin wipes. I posted on another that Paige got horrible rashes ....... bring blood kind of rashes. I had to regularly use Lotramin Anti Fungal Cream and Desitin together. I couldn't find anything else that worked. She still gets a rash very easily as she has very sensitive skin! Good luck! I hope he feels better soon!

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Neosporin with pain releif then a diaper rash cream of your choosing and then vasaline so everything is sealed in, has worked for us in less than 12 hours before.

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air out his bottom for a bit at each diaper change. Change his diaper frequently. Don't give him juice (it's quite acidic) or if you do water it down a lot. Switch diaper brands - try one with less chemicals like Nature Babycare brand. Try cornstarch instead of creams and don't use baby powder. Put Neosporin on the blisters to help them heal faster.

My second child is the same way and I hate it when he gets blisters.

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I have used Bagbalm. You can find it about any place. It is in a green tin and has a pic of a cow on it. I have used it for everything from small cuts to big gashes. I have found it is the best thing to help heal anything. My son asks for it when he gets a "boo-boo" and he is 4. Not the best smelling stuff but it works. Don't be affraid to put some on either.


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I would try ILEX diaper cream. It is the only thing that cleared my son's bottom when he had salmonella. His little bottom was fire engine red and nothing else helped. The hospital gave it to us to try. It is special order over the internet and about $10 a tube. I still use it on his bad rashes.

If you decide to go with it, use a very thin coat and get Eucerine Aquafor to place on top of it. It is like glue. You don't need to do this with every change, just when you notice the ILEX is no longer on the bottom. When wiping his bottom, do not wipe until the ILEX is gone, just enough to clean the #2 away. #1 do not wipe. (Instructions are from the hospital here.)

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