My soon to be three year old will not give up her nuk, she will not sleep without it..what should i do?


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Sophia - posted on 09/08/2012




Every child has their own way --of relaxing or feeling safe. I konw what the doctors say or other people will tell you --- but does she fall asleep yes... and wakes up alive each day. So what so what.

Suzie - posted on 08/17/2012




I didn't have this problem with my daughter as she never took a paci... Ever. haha But, some of my friends had this problem with their daughter who is now 19 and in college. She had a horrible attachment to her nuk (and thats what she called it to). My friends cut the tip off of it. Just a little sliver. Then each week they would cut off another little sliver until it was virtually impossible to suck. It worked for her and she was I believe 4.5ish... They were so worried she would be in highschool still sucking on that thing. I remember even having to tell Jess to take it out of her mouth to speak becuase she would talk through the sides! She was so addicted!! See if that helps.

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