my strictly breast fed 6mth old refuses to drink from bottles or even suck on pacifiers she gags at the taste of formula what can I do


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if she won't go near a pacifier, stop trying.

As for bottles - start with someone else trying to bottle feed her some pumped breastmilk. Do this when you know she will be hungry, but not STARVING. She will probably take a bottle from someone else over you because she associates you with breasts and breastfeeding and won't understand why you aren't just whipping the girls out. :)

She will probably play with the bottle, and it will take awhile for her to learn she can eat from it. You also may want to try a variety of nipples to see which one she prefers - some babies are picky.

Finally when she has the knack of bottle feeding down with breastmilk - start incorporating formula. Start with making solutions that are 25% formula, 75% breastmilk. Then moving to 50/50, and then 75/25 until you are completly formula.

Good luck!


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Aicha - posted on 10/07/2010




My daughter won't do bottles unless we gave her a breast-flow and she would only take it when she knew mommy wasn't around , she never took a pacifier so I didn't force the issue she does suck on her thumb . She has never had formula and now that she is 1 year old she is eating table foods and using a playtex cup with handles and a removable stopper she didn't like any other brand and we tried several different sippy cups. She is also still breastfeeding I am waiting for her to wean herself

Monique - posted on 10/06/2010




one of my girls refused bottles and pacifiers it seemed like she just didn't understand what to do with them. so we skipped them i got her the playtex cup with habdles and a removeable stopper, i took the stoper out and let some breast milk flow right into her mouth so she would know what was in there, put the stopper back in and she never had a problem agian.

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Hannah, I'm following you lol

Don't ever force a pacifier. If your daughter won't take one, consider yourself lucky. It takes a few hours to get a baby used to a paci and days and days to get them off one. DON'T sweat that one.

As for bottles, I agree with Hannah, that's how we did it and it worked. (get used to your kid doing things for other people, before they do them for you). There is a big difference in your nipple and a bottle nipple, no matter which nipple you try. I know this is gonna sound wierd but here goes. When my son was going from breast to bottle, we had all kinds of bottles and nipples on hand that had been bought for us at the baby shower. Before i ever stuck one in his mouth, I looked down, at my own nipple and literally sat there with a few different kinds in my lap and held them up to my boob one by one until I found one that "kinda" looked like me, shape-wise. I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound too wierd lol! Worked for us though, even though my first try on the bottle wasn't right. I recommend nipples made out of silicone because they are more pliable (like your own natural breast) and I also recommend you stay away from the Playtex Drop-Ins. They aren't what they used to be, they don't keep the air out and they are more trouble than they are worth, IMHO. Go with Dr. Brown's or Avent or Vent Aire. I personally used Dr. Brown's but have heard good things about the others too. Good luck girl!

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