My three year old refuses to go on the potty!!!!! I feel frustrated he will sit on it but, not go.


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Maureen - posted on 02/21/2009




My boy didn't start using the potty until he was 3.5. He got stickers when he would sit on the potty and a coin when he used it. He still continues to sit and not stand on the potty and he is 4.5 now. He stopped using pull ups before his sister did. She was five. It happened when I stopped stressing about it. He knew he had to be in underwear before going to preschoo. Good Luck.

Tia - posted on 02/19/2009




If he doesn't seem interested, don't push him to do it. Experiement and try it. The first step is knowing what the potty and and sitting on it. If he knows what to do, you've got it in the bag.. give him time to get used to the concept and really want to do it. It'll happen, HE'S A BIG BOY!! Don't let him know or feel that your frustrated.

Melanie - posted on 02/19/2009




My daughter is 3.5 and JUST got into underwear.  It is hard to be patient, but try to remember he is still very young, especially for a boy (my eldest son was almost 4!)  If you aren't against a little bribery, try something small he would enjoy.  I had a jar I covered with stickers and filled with jelly belly beans.  (Or stickers worked for one of my sons)  She gets one 'potty bean' every time she uses the potty.  We probably had the jar a good 4 months before she ever got one!  Just try not to push too hard, this is something he has be ready for, and if you are too pushy, it can be counter-productive!  Try not to worry, it'll happen! 

Chrissy - posted on 02/18/2009




thank you all so much for the great feedback. Nice to know I'm not alone at this!!

Chrissy - posted on 02/17/2009




My son is three and doesn't have the concept when he should use the potty. Find something he is interested in and try to use them as rewards if he goes on the potty. We also give him animal crackers while he sits on the potty. We figure if he sits there long enough he will have to do something. Don't use all these doctors because it is just a waste of money. Thank god we live in an area where they have free pre-k and they potty train too. The teachers say that boys learn at slower pace and have to be ready to use the potty we can't force them. My sister-in-law has four kids and the third boy has potty issues too. She uses Chucky Cheese tokens every time he uses the potty. So see what works don't worry he will use the potty when he is ready you aren't alone in this area!

Sara - posted on 02/15/2009




be calm and just keep sitting him on it eventually he will learn, or u can give a nice reward for going to the toilet in it...

Cassie - posted on 02/15/2009




I've tried several different ways to potty train my boy and discovered for one thing - that he didn't like the potty or any other. A weeman and a toilet step has gained our only success so far.

Don't dispair but maybe try taking a more relaxed approach and send him outside with undies on as much as you can (shirt, hat, shoes, sunnies and suncream too!) during the warmer months and ask him every 20 minutes or so if he needs to go when inside.

I've been told by several friends that making a special outting to let him choose his own jox worked for their kids or giving them a plant to "water".


************My son is 3 years and 7 months. He is only just attempting to do wee in the toilet and still not even thinking about poopy. He point blank refuses - and we've tried every method i could think or read of for the last year. Had the Dr. elimate a physical reason and spent some time with a behavioural specialist to eliminate psycological reasons. The best we've been told now is just keep trying and he will do it when he's ready. "Just keep your cool and do not ever shame your child if they fail - praise when they get it right!" is the best advice I've received! ***************

Wendy - posted on 02/15/2009




My son will be 3 in 4 months. We have been trying to get him to start potty training, but he could care less...........he won't even sit on it!! My daughter was a late starter too, but was very quick to catch on once she started (that is what I'm hoping for my son)!!

good luck. Maybe just lay off it for a couple of weeks, and then try again. :)


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