My tiny 2 year old is trying to use the potty.

Michelle - posted on 03/08/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




He won't use the little potty: he wouldn't use it unless he could sit on it in front of the TV, but his little bro would bother him and he's just decided not to use it at all anymore. He can't even use a stool to stand up to use the big potty cuz he's just too tiny for his age. I take him to the big potty throughout the day every day. He sits on the potty and pees all over the place most of the time.
He's very proud and seems ready for the potty and all... So what am I doing wrong, or what could I do better? Maybe I am just not being patient enough, IDK. He just doesn't seem to mind the pee messes, even though I usually make him help clean it up. Am I just being too critical?


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if you sit him on the big potty, how is the mess being created? is he spraying everywhere? since he's so tiny, can you just hold him in front of the potty? when we're out with my son and there is no stool, i just lift him under his armpits and he whizzes into the toilet. it was awkward at first, but he's used to it now. also, have you tried a taller stool?

for sitting down, we taught our son to lean forward a little to point his penis down so it wouldn't spray everywhere. he holds his penis down at preschool. that's what they taught the kids because they cannot tough them.

my son is 27 months and not super big. the stool can work. :o) he hates sitting down now and prefers to watch himself pee. keep at it. he doesn't mind the mess mainly because it's new and novel and interesting. the fascination with the mess will wear off eventually.

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